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Thyli bags from the Designer to You!

About Thyli

I am excited to have created the world's largest range of Designer Hessian Bags just for You! I use Jute, JuCo (Jute blended with Cotton), Canvas, Cotton and Handloom fabrics to complement my wide range. I have designed my jute bags to be durable and sturdy with premium grade jute. They are double stitched with inner lamination making them easy to clean. Cheaper jute bags sold in supermarkets are typically lower quality being loosely weaved using a lower grade weave, less durable and tend to flop.

A lot of hard work and time is invested into every Thyli bag. I tweak my designs for reducing wastage during production and packaging, sourcing fabrics, working with my production and sampling team to turn my ideas into reality!

Having studied in India's premier fashion institute (NIFT), I design my bags in Sydney, Australia and also in India while working with my production partner. I have visited rural India to source handloom Kalamkari and Ikkat fabrics as I am inspired by the traditional, intricate and colourful designs. I have seen first hand how these fabrics are made and also hope to support the artisans' endangered craft by using the fabrics in my designs.

From Beach Bags, Totes, Lunch Bags, Hand Bags, Clutches, Pouches, Market Bags, Grocery Bags to every day Shopping Bags, there is a Thyli bag for everyone. Thyli bags are great gifts as each Thyli bag is unique and reusable - paper or plastic gift bags are used once and disposed of. Bags are posted from Sydney, Australia to across the world.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any queries or feedback. I would love to hear from you if you would like to see any new features in my future designs.

Join me on my journey in making a difference!

Every bag counts!

Kind Regards,

Sydney, Australia

About Jute/Hessian

Jute plant is a natural grass known as the "golden fibre" that is Earth friendly with a lower carbon footprint compared to cotton. Jute relies on rain water and uses less water than cotton. Cotton uses large amounts of irrigated water and is both pesticide and fertilizer intensive, placing pressure on rivers, soil, biodiversity and the ecosystem. I have used Jute from the Bay of Bengals wetlands where most of the world's jute is sourced. Jute grows quickly and requires less land. By sourcing this Jute, we support millions of rural farmers who rely on harvesting jute as a source of income. Hessian or burlap fabric is made from the Jute plant that is extremely strong and durable. Hessian, Burlap and Jute terms are used interchangeably. Products made from Jute include sand bags, ropes, mats, shoes and furniture.

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